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Everything begins with an idea.

Our team of lawyers can patent your idea quickly and efficiently, don’t let what could be a life changing invention benefit others instead of you, protect your hard work.

We also handle copyright strikes, taking down content that lawfully belongs to you, we know when to identify fair use of your content so you don’t get in legal trouble for abusing your rights, and also advice when a cease and desist letter is a better alternative than a long legal battle in court.



Copy Strike Services

This package includes 30 days of a dedicated technician scouring the web for use of your content without your consent. If something is found, our legal team will proceed to take measures to get the content taken down.


Patenting Services

Our legal team can register a patent for you quickly and efficiently, this package is charged for every patent that is to be registered.


Licensing Agreements

Our legal team will write the terms of the contract to license your intelectual property to others.

Legal Counseling Services

Should the worse come to pass and you find yourself in court fighting for the unauthorized use of your content, our specialized team of lawyers will handle your case to help you win your Lawsuit.

Your Title Goes Here

Because ideas are as worthy of protection as assets.

Your Title Goes Here

Because ideas are as worthy of protection as assets.

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